New for 2024! Work Rider Progression Programme

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The Racing Staff Development Programme (RSDP) are launching a new work rider training programme that will provide a structured, inclusive training programme of progression for work riders.
BHA-trained and qualified Rider Coaches will deliver the training in your place of work, and the programme supports two funded visits per year to all licensed trainers.

What to expect

Riders will be given an initial assessment followed by observation and feedback on practical riding skills and work on a racehorse simulator. The training will develop your knowledge and understanding of riding horses to improve performance.

Practical training skills will cover:

  • Ability to ride with a single or double bridge
  • Ability to change hands
  • Riding in a balanced, effective position at all paces in the lead position, upsides and as part of the string
  • Demonstrating correct use of the whip
  • Riding & improving a horse’s way of going effectively and competently in all paces according to instructions
  • Showing an understanding of pace and distance
  • Giving detailed feedback on the horse’s way of going and issues that may affect horse performance and welfare

The training will also cover the principles of training and getting racehorses fit:

  • Understanding the importance of a balanced, effective position on horse performance
  • Understanding the physical barriers to improved horse performance
  • The effect of temperament and fitness on exercise regimes
  • The effects of going, terrain and surface on horse performance
  • Minimising risks to self, horses and others when riding
For more details about this great training opportunity or to get booked in, contact Lauren at
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