Update: Lateral Flow Testing for Weighing Room entry

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BHA Notice – announced 1 January 2022

Recognising the difficulty some participants and officials have had in ordering Lateral Flow Tests (LFTs), the racing industry COVID-19 Group has temporarily deferred the requirement, announced earlier this week, to show a negative lateral flow test to gain entry to the Weighing Room, which was due to take effect at all fixtures from 5 January.

Existing requirements will remain in place, including the need for COVID status certification for all Weighing Room attendees at all fixtures. Anyone unable to provide evidence of vaccination status will continue to require proof of a negative PCR or LFT test.

This pause is to allow participants to secure a supply of tests and we encourage you to continue your efforts to do so. A new implementation date will be announced once LFT supply issues improve.

If you have been able to obtain tests, we recommend you start testing on a regular basis to protect your colleagues should you contract COVID-19. You should not attend a race meeting if you feel unwell in any way and should get a PCR test as soon as possible. Please be aware that the symptoms of Omicron can be very mild to start with. While vaccination with booster remains a key defence against severe illness and death, you may still contract and pass on the virus, hence the value in combining vaccination with regular testing.

On the racecourse, please wear masks and maintain social distancing where possible and as directed, and minimise the time you spend in indoor spaces.

COVID-19 continues to be a major problem in the UK. By maintaining some simple protections, we can minimise the risk to ourselves and others of infection, and avoid disruption of the race programme. Many thanks for your continued cooperation.

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